Security Guard Certification - $50

(Saturdays at 9am; an appointment is required)

Exposed Firearm Permit Certification - 2-day training - $150

(includes gun rental, 1 caliber qualification; additional caliber is $50 each)

1st day - Classroom training - Saturdays @ 9am (an appointment is required)

2nd day - Range training & qualification - Sundays @ 1pm

Handcuff Course - $50 - includes handcuff rental

(Sundays at 1pm; an appointment is required)

Pepper Spray Course - $50

(Sundays at 1pm; an appointment is required)

School Security Officer Course - $150

(Private Appointment Only)

Dignitary Protection Course (Armed 2-day training) - $250

(Pre-requisite DPC (Unarmed). Attendees must bring own pistol w/ 2 magazines, concealment holster, concealment garment, eye & ear protection, 150 rounds of ammunition, and wear BDU clothing or casual clothing with long pants and athletic shoes).